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Book coach

I work with you to get your story out of you and into the world – you know, the book you’ve always wanted to write. You are an expert in a professional topic and would like to create a memorable lead magnet, or you have had a significant life experience and you want to share it with people, to really make a difference. I have a proven 90-day framework to get aspiring (but struggling) authors to create a book master plan and then a book proposal, and start them on their writing journey. If you want, I can take you all the way there to be ready for publication.


I work with you to design the best map and guide for your (personal) brand communication.


I write copy from blogs, to social media, media releases, profiles, case studies, presentations, speeches, email sequences, newsletters and more.

See below for a range of clients I’ve worked with (from Oceania to Benelux) since 2009