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Hello! I’m Jane. I’m so glad you are here.

Jane Hardjono

When you introduce yourself, you place a hand on your chest, not on your head, right?

You are a whole person. More than a brain carried about by its body.

When you lead yourself well, you lead others with more ease and confidence.

The first step is to become aware of what you do and how you do it. Then you have choices about what to do next, and how.

It might be time for you to become curious about how you see yourself.

I see the whole person in every body and strive to understand what moves them to action.

Who I am

Connector, mover,

I’m a life coach, technical facilitator and workshop designer. I am an experienced copywriter, writing coach and ghost writer.

Over the course of 2022 I will be bringing embodiment techniques to my practice of
1:1 coaching and group facilitation.

I share little pieces of my journey on LinkedIn.


Something intrigues you about terms such as ‘somatic listening’, ‘bodyful cognition’ and ’embodiment coaching’. And yet you feel detached from them, as though that’s not something you know much about.

But you have a body! And, you are a relational being, in an environment. To realise your vision or to transform you need you, others and the world.

Our culture loves to talk and think. I work with you to get more in sync
with the stories carried in our bodies, and all the unique ways we remember and hope for all the different chapters in our lives.

Together we might use sticky notes. A whiteboard. Space. We might talk. Or move. Or be very still indeed. We may be moved. We’ll tell each other stories. We will definitely laugh. You’ll find new resonant ways to make promises to yourself. And in keeping them, you’ll design and build your one wild and precious life. Whatever it ends up looking like, we will adventure there together.

How I serve

As a coach, facilitator/workshop & experience designer, I need you to be ‘all in’. People learn best and ‘the lesson’ stays with them, when they aren’t bored, they move their bodies in conjunction with new information, and they tap into their whole selves for clever answers that aren’t only to be found in the head.

Individual coaching

If you have the idea that you have been stuck in your head for longer than is good for you, if being this way is holding you back from doing and being all you suspect you can do and be, we can discover a way into your future together. For an idea of how much you would need to invest (in yourself), it is 60 – 75 minutes together I charge $175 for a single session and $450 for 3. If price is an object, get in touch via email with “This is what I’m worth” in the subject line.

Bespoke workshops

For clients interested in strategy, branding, team alignment, team building, leadership, goal-setting, personal development, life design, communication: I design workshops where you can work together-alone and get the very most out of your time. Available face-to-face and remotely for groups, individuals and groups of individuals. I am also a technical facilitator, meaning that I am able to help you run your virtual or hybrid event smoothly. Workshops start from $2000.

Book coaching & ghost writing

If you have a book in you that needs to leap from your body onto the page, then I can help you develop a plan for a manuscript. Or, I can interview you and write the book for you – in your voice. I look forward to penning your idea with you at $0.27 per word.

Ceremony & ritual design

We all experience change in our professional lives, personal experience, or may face a loss, new identity or location. I discovered that ceremonies and rituals have helped transition me from one state to the next. We can work together on gestures and words for you to make with intention, integrity and a sense of beginning, middle and end. This service often forms part of the coaching, training and workshops above and can also be booked separately. I am certified to perform marriage ceremonies in NZ, and am working towards officiating end of life and naming ceremonies. Ceremonies start from $750.


Why I work

Jane shares her knowledge in spades. She gives space to the Other. I am completely myself when I’m with her.

Emmy van Lamoen, designer

Jane is authentic, open, kind and involved with her process and the processes of others. She has the talent to listen to other people without judgement.

Tiny van Hees, yoga docent

Jane will always think about what is being said. You will get a conscious, honest, encouraging and clear answer, always.

Kim Ligvoet, musician and SAHP

Jane listens to and reflects on the work of others, helping them gain clarity to achieve their goals. She is committed, enthusiastic and supportive.

Marijn van der Poll, author and designer

The River

Our bodies are 60% water, so we are always moving according to, and adapting to the edges that we ourselves/others/the world define for us. Read along for my writings and musings, some of which are in preparation of my manuscript for a non-fiction book on ’embodied listening’.

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Jane Hardjono

Coach | Facilitator | Writer
Hillsborough Christchurch
New Zealand