Book coach for coaches and consultants

You know your stuff.

Heaps of people could be transformed
by your years of knowledge and experience.

It’s time. You want to grow your ideas. Into a book.

  • I lead you through my proven framework
  • to build a strong foundation for your book: the master plan
  • I project-manage the entire process to keep you on track
  • and provide all the tools and my knowledge as you write forward.
  • I support with writing coaching and editing the entire way.
  • When we continue working together I can prepare you for a pitch
    or if you want to go your own way I can help you take your book to publication.

Come work with me

Book Coach, creator of The Possible book framework, ‘that embodiment writer’

Marijn van der Poll, designer, strategic advisor, lecturer and author of ‘Rightbrainer’