Is there an alternate universe where you can say that you’re so inspired by your work, it’s like half the day’s disappeared because you were totally and happily in the flow? And what if you could just close your eyes and open them, to be un-phased by the blank page and just start writing the thing you said you’d write? What if you could just hand over the writing you don’t have the bandwidth to do, because you’d rather work in your zone of brilliance?

That reality isn’t so far off, you know.

I’m Jane Hardjono. Copywriter Ghostwriter and Strategist.

I developed a framework to shift you, or your team (and of course myself) from empathy towards action. To carve out more focus, time and joy for you. And create clear communication around your work, that makes an impact.

Like you, I’ve been reading and writing since I was about five. I also started piano a few years after that. In my case these two pursuits became passions. Specifically they nurtured a belief that the mind and body are separate.

As I moved through mainstream school and university I drilled myself, learnt to value discipline and consistency, and strove mercilessly for perfection. For decades. I truly thought ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. I was all for willpower, mind over matter, pushing through. Just doing it. With zero compassion for my experience and process.

I spent most of my early adulthood numb. I lived a little, contracted life, frustrated by lofty ideals and no real handholds for how to get ‘up’ there.

After experiencing the loss of our daughter, I began to explore how my beliefs are expressed through how I ‘am’. How I ‘do’ life. How I ‘be’. And how I ‘write’.

Through a process of compassionate curiosity I came to appreciate that I’m a whole person. How I see myself is why I am and why I behave – and live – a certain way. If this is true for me, then the same is true for you.

Seeing ourselves as we really are is tricky to do on our own. It’s like describing the taste of our own mouth or imitating our own walk. How do you describe your style when you write or communicate? Most of us need another person or a mirror to see these things more clearly.

What are you really after?

  • Impactful, clear content that endears, persuades, tells stories and sells
  • A book of your own that can transform you into ‘author’ (that either I ghostwrite, or you write yourself while I coach you)
  • A friendly accountability holder and intelligent sparring partner and word strategist

The real question is: do you want to work with me with just using your head, or do you want to be all in? I’ll say it now – I’m interested in all of you. In your wellness. And your time and joy.

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