Like you, I’ve been reading and writing since I was about five. From the age of seven, I started playing piano. These pursuits became passions. Specifically they gave me a clear concept of the mind and body being separate. My perception of the heart was rudimentary.

As I moved through mainstream school and university to study arts and music I drilled myself, learnt to value discipline and consistency, and strove mercilessly for perfection. For decades.

I spent most of it numb. I lived a little, contracted life.

And then the day came – probably the day of my little baby daughter’s funeral – for me to snap out of it. I started to delve into the edges of my self-image. I began to explore how my beliefs about myself are channeled through how I ‘do’ life. How I ‘be’. And how I ‘write’. I came to appreciate that I’m a whole person. That how I see myself is why I am and why I behave a certain way.

I endeavour to understand what moves us – you, me, entire peoples – to action.

Seeing ourselves as we really are is tricky to do on our own. It’s like describing the taste of our own mouth or imitating our own walk. How do you describe your style when you write or communicate? Most of us need another person or a mirror to see these things more clearly.

I can help you if you care about clarity and awareness, self-leadership and being intentional with your one wild and precious life.

Can I give you what you’re really after?

  • Impactful, clear copy
  • A book that can add ‘author’ to your title
  • Solutions for a team that is struggling to align
  • Kicking off an overwhelming project
  • A brand strategy for your new business
  • Coaching and collaboration for personal and professional development

The real question is: do you want to work with me with just using your head, or do you want to be all in? I’ll say it now – I’m interested in all of you.