Writer and strategist for your ideas.

Don’t let your writing obligations and ambitions threaten to pull you under.

(And your overthinking and procrastination isn’t helping much either.)

  • I see you – consultants, coaches and founders, who feel resentful (and quite possibly enraged).
  • You want all that lost time back!

I will write your:

  • content (social media, marketing collateral)
  • stories (blogs, thought leadership articles or books)
  • or, I will work with you so you feel confident and prepared to write it yourself.

Get back the time and joy you’ve been missing. Profit from it!

Let’s nut out your strategy. Hand over to me what you don’t want to do.

Come work with me.

Jane Hardjono
Copywriter, Ghostwriter and Coach


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Get your
Time and Joy back

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