I help people be, do and write themselves.

I work mostly with founders and solopreneurs, and people who are curious about exploring different ways to express themselves more fully at work – through their writing and actions. (If you are commissioning work on behalf of a company, you and I collaborate to create a brief from a place of truth and clarity and then I create copy, messaging or a workshop or strategy for you.)


Brand strategy, copywriting and editing

I provide copywriting and editing services that I charge on a project estimation. If you want clarity on your brand and your offering, I can work with you on an exploratory Brand Spotlight or an in-depth Brand Master Guide. Email me for more details.

Bespoke workshops

Working in a group and interested in strategy, branding, team alignment, team building, leadership, goal-setting, personal development, life design, communication?
I design workshops where you can come to a collective understanding. Available face-to-face (Christchurch, New Zealand) and remotely for groups, individuals and groups of individuals. Workshops start from $2000.

Individual coaching

Perfect if you have been stuck in your head for longer than is good for you. Segregating the head and body can hold you back from doing and being all you suspect you can do and be in life and work. Coaching prices range from $175 for a single session to $450 for 3. If price is an object, get in touch via email with “This is what I’m worth” in the subject line.

Book coaching and ghostwriting

If you have a book in you that needs to leap from your body onto the page, I can coach you. If you’re seeking a ghostwriter, rates start at $0.27 per word. For founders/solopreneurs I also have a BodyStory product, that gives you a brand story framework and a short e-book, starting at $5000. Email me for details.


I have 20+ years’ experience and a background and training in Professional Writing and Editing, Proofreading, Arts (Languages – French, Italian and Dutch), Music (Piano), Creativity (advertising), UX Research, Design Thinking, Workshop Design, Life Coaching, Embodiment Coaching, Communications, PR, Stakeholder Engagement, Facilitation and am currently working towards a professional qualification as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.