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There may be some writers who are following this journey who are interested in penning a book proposal.

As you may know, I am (currently) a non-fiction book coach, and thus, most writers or aspiring authors can choose to self-publish, or take the traditional route.

For the purposes of my bananas goal, I shall be self-publishing. But I won’t discount re-releasing this book should a publisher wish to take it up!

In fact, I had a recent conversation with a former client of mine, who very generously suggested that I submit my book to his publisher.

And this I intend to do as part of this crazy journey of a few months/several weeks/handful of days.

The publishing company is based in the Netherlands. I have amassed a community there, somewhat, but was never known for my endeavours into embodiment. I was a corporate (copy)writer, editor and an English to Dutch translator (for mostly corporates and artists, but I did translate bits of books here and there). I believe my book would do well in both Dutch and English.

This company doesn’t ask for a proposal. This, however, is what they request:

Lever je manuscript aan in een duidelijk leesbaar 12-punts lettertype, met een regelafstand van anderhalf. Stuur geen diskettes of cd-roms. Handgeschreven en per post verzonden manuscripten worden niet in behandeling genomen.Voorzie het manuscript van een heldere synopsis, waarin je in maximaal vijf pagina’s inhoud en plot van je boek beschrijft, de personages introduceert, en zo nodig uitleg geeft over de omgeving waar het boek zich afspeelt.Maak in je begeleidende brief duidelijk wie je bent, hoe de titel van je boek luidt en tot welk genre het behoort, en omschrijf in maximaal twee alinea’s kort de inhoud van jouw manuscript.

If you find yourself with a promising lead to submit a book proposal to, do your research! Don’t send on a template style proposal. Show the company that you’ve looked into delivering the material the way they want it.

This publisher wants:

  • A manuscript in a clear and readable font of 12 points, with a 1.5 line spacing
  • Don’t send disks or CD-roms (wait, what?)
  • Handwritten or posted manuscripts will not be read (no danger there, hehe)
  • Include with the manuscript a five pages maximum synopsis including a description of the plot and the characters, and if necessary supply an explanation of the environment in which the plot takes place.
  • In the accompanying letter, outline who you are, the title of the book and its genre. Describe in 2 paragraphs max the contents of your manuscript.

I am writing the manuscript. But I can do all the rest. I will have it done by the end of this week. As well as write and document this process. And keep my job. And my marriage alive. And parent my children. And take them to all their after school activities. And plan and throw an epic and long-awaited 6th birthday party on Sunday. And maybe do some housekeeping (or not) before and after said party.

Okay, maybe the end of the month is a more sensble plan. I might even be further along with my writing (I’m about 1/10th in so far). I could be 50 – 60% in by then. At the very least wish to submit the manuscript and book proposal document by mid-August, in tandem with my self-publishing efforts.

The flood-gates to purposeful activity are officially open!

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