This. Is. Bananas.

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It’s happening. Since making my declaration to write a book in 90 days – on Wednesday 31 May 2023, I only today sat down and realised that I have 83 days left and release date is Tuesday 29 August.

I was in a group coaching call yesterday and said “I have made a bananas declaration that I will publish a book in 90 days.”

So what has happened in the last week?

  • Wednesday: announced to my modest network of 1300+ people that I will be publishing a book in 90 days. Reception was mild, exactly as expected, with a good measure of very excited-for-me responses.
  • Thursday:
    • faffed around a with AI about a course I want to design based on the book.
    • Spilt water on my keyboard. The letter “i” isn’t quite the same.
    • Stumbled upon a novel (as in new, not fiction book) writing framework to experiment with for my opening. Going to give that a go.
  • Friday:
    • Had a call with a connection on LinkedIn at 6.30am my time. They are writing their second book – I am not sure whether they have a coach or a writing mentor. I have offered to give the manuscript a look if they like or have a chat about it, in the spirit of service. I didn’t want to sell in that call – it was such a wonderful conversation.
    • Went to a networking event, here in Christchurch, convinced I’d meet no one in my target market niche. The speaker was a business coach who is in the throes of writing his first book. Even though he already has a book coach, what are the odds? There were 10 people in the room.
    • Some personal dramas in my family (of origin) have made me think a bit deeper about what I’m trying to do with this book I want to publish in this bananas timeframe.
    • In a call with a potential repeat client, they suggested that I submit a book proposal to their publisher. The idea had not even crossed my mind. I will be doing that.
  • Saturday: lots of thinking and lying awake at night and then getting up absurdly early to write notes was afraid of forgetting
  • Sunday: rejigging my chapter outline
  • Monday: recording a video about ‘intention’ on a public holiday. It was the (new) King’s Birthday and we were at Castle Hill. It felt apt. Also transferred my notes from Notion to a proper Scrivener document. It feels more real.
  • Tuesday: this is today.
    • I made a book cover (whether it ends up as the final art, it doesn’t matter. Did some placement back cover blurb.
    • Made a Coming Soon page here on the website. And posted about it on LinkedIn.
    • I made an appointment with another book coach, to find out more about how she works, and to consider taking on a book coach myself. I would like one that does it in an embodied way – maybe she does? That call is scheduled with France, early on Friday morning.

      I don’t really know how I’m going to do it, but I will do this. I’m so tired of great things happening to and for other people. I’m other people. I’m people.

      You are people too. If you want to write a book too, get at it. I’m behind you all the way.

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