Asking for help is a sign of strength

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Recently I read a short passage about how physical symptoms are a signal that the body is fighting for you. That pain is a ‘love tap’ from it for you to take action to change a habit or behaviour.

Last week my husband had terrible side effects from the Pfizer booster. I had none. I read that the side effects he suffered were a sign that the vaccine was working. It led me to worry that maybe the booster was not working in me! (forgetting that everyone is different and our body communicates with us in the way that best suits us…)

Pain is a strategy to raise awareness — be it in a body, a relationship, society at large, the world. The function of pain is to protect. Paradoxically, its ultimate purpose is to prevent suffering as much as possible. Until it can’t.

So when we have a niggle or a complaint this is the organism’s way of asking for help. Finally the organism realises that it cannot do it alone anymore, and it manifests itself as pain.

Do we know how to be kind to our body? To be kind to ourselves when life gets hard? It is a lie that we need to go it alone. We are social animals. We are stronger together. Shhh, listen!

How is this true or truer for you?

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