Ode to my body #1

Photo by Eugenia Maximova on Unsplash

My body is important. It is special. My body has done some amazing things, some of which I will or cannot do again, some that I hope it will do once more. A body incorporates all of a person, in my view, yet we talk about it like it’s an object, outside of oneself. The body, my body, your body, her body. Like we could carry it in a suitcase somehow and afterwards, hang it out to dry. My body is a space where stories live. My body holds secrets. My body tells no lies, it just depends on who is listening. My body tells myself and others what I really value – from where I go, to how I close doors to how much sleep I get. My body believes in me and tries to help me make good choices. Sometimes I disappoint my body. My body can transform – itself, me, others and the world. If I take care of my body, I will be able to have an impact for a very long time. If I respect what it means to live in this body, I will enjoy the fruits of my life and what it means for the people and world around me, every single day, not just on the last day.

Would you like to try this exercise? What do you think about when you think about ‘your body’?

Meet you back here in a couple of months and let’s see whether this view has changed or deepened!

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